The Solution to Education: Do What Works

The Nevada State Government needs to stop throwing good money after bad; and, it should begin now. As business people, we have just a few days to affect our Nevada State Legislators and what they do, and do not, vote for. What do you plan to do? Sit back and be complacent and then suffer the consequences, or do you plan to be part of the solution?

It seems government is continually seeking additional tax dollars to throw at old problems, rather than working within current budgets to fix those problems. The methods to grab more tax dollars have become increasingly crafty in recent years. Take, for example, Republican (ouch, I said it) Governor Sandoval’s new business tax proposal that is now in front of the legislature. Of course, what I mean by “new” is that this is a new twist to the old Gross Margin Tax that was overwhelmingly beaten at the polls just a few months ago. The Governor’s logic behind this new business tax is that it is better than other plans he and his cronies have considered. While this argument alone may be true (i.e. black is darker than gray), it is irrelevant if you don’t agree with the premise which is that the solution to fix the education system seems to be tax and spend!

I, along with like-minded business people who understand the harm of this tax, implore the Governor and legislators to stop throwing good money after bad and fix this problem, now. So we can’t be accused of maligning one “solution” without proposing an alternative, here’s a suggestion: take a page from successful business’ handbooks. We should close poor performing schools and set competition to solve this problem. Competition is, after all, what made this country great. If we’re really working for a better education for our children, reform a broken system.

With competition in mind, let’s take a look at organizations that are effectively educating kids and know how to work within their budgets. What other solution is available to us that doesn’t burden the state with bureaucracy and excess fat, such as that brought on by the school district’s overstaffed administration and the Teacher’s Union? What would give children a better education with less (much less) Nevada government to oversee it without costing tax payers more and giving them a true return on their investment? … Drum roll please … Charter Schools! Governor, if education is such an important investment for our state, shouldn’t we be helping charter schools by deferring their taxes and giving them incentives (like we are doing for Tesla and promoting for other businesses to move here)? It’s interesting to note that the Governor likes charter schools, too; it just doesn’t appear that he is prepared to tackle the real issues behind education, our self-destructing, poor performing Nevada public school system.

Don’t take my word for it. Charter schools have proven their success already. A 2013 study published by the Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) out of Stanford found that charters continue to make gains. Charters are particularly effective for both students in poverty and English language learners such as those found in the Clark County School District. The study added that in both math and reading, charter schools are on an “upward trajectory, with the relative performance of the charter sector improving each year.” Can we say the same for our public school system?

In closing, beware the wolves in sheep’s clothing. As certain business people or business organizations waffle or make a formal stand with the Governor on his new tax for this outdated, out-lived broken public education system, all you need to do is dig a bit and you will find out why. There is always another agenda, whether political or simply a fear to stand for what is right. Or, more innocently, maybe they just ain’t right in the head. This train looks like it’s already left the station; if it’s going to get stopped, it’s going to take a derailment. If you don’t want to see this tax made law, you’re going to have to thrust yourself and everyone you know into this fight. Contact your representatives in Carson City NOW!

For more information on this tax, refer to the tax article.


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