Connecting the State: Nevada Business Magazine Turns Thirty

This issue marks the first in our 30th Anniversary year and, as I reflect on the last three decades, I am struck by the progress we’ve made. Remaining a statewide voice for business, the only such publication in Nevada, has been no easy feat. The state’s economies, including Reno, Las Vegas and our rural communities, have divergent needs and providing a cohesive voice to all Nevada businesses is something that we have strived for over the last 30 years.

While decision makers in Nevada are still feeling the sting of a recession that hit us hard, I’m proud of the fact that Nevada Business Magazine has remained a steady voice. And, even though we changed our title from “Journal” to “Magazine” and have undergone a number of formatting updates over the years, our mission to serve the business communities thoroughout the state has remained the same. Since I purchased the magazine in 1987, our readership has grown to over 82,000 and many of our readers have been engaged in the magazine from the very beginning.

There’s a common saying that it “takes a village” and I think that’s apt as I look at the success of the magazine over the years as it is a direct result of the support of Nevada’s business community. As we go into this New Year and celebrate 30 years of doing business in Nevada, I would like to start the year with a heartfelt thank you to those supporters. So, whether a long-time reader, a faithful advertiser or a business executive who has just discovered the magazine, you are the reason we have been successful.

It’s due to our readers who are actively engaged in the magazine and regularly weigh in with comments that we have been able to provide the product that we have. In fact, many of our story ideas are suggested by readers. And, while they may not always agree with the commentary pages, they take the time to let us know and hold us accountable for our content and for that, I am thankful.

A number of years ago, we established a Northern Nevada advisory board to help direct the editorial content for that end of the state. I am grateful for their involvement, direction and wisdom and appreciate their insights into the business community.

We maintain a controlled list of subscribers to ensure we are being read by the decision makers in Nevada. As a result, our advertisers are the reason we’re able to keep the lights on. So, I especially wanted to thank the many companies and business leaders who support us through advertising. Many of these advertisers have become more than clients, they’ve become friends.

I also want to thank our team of professional journalists, designers, editors, researchers, sales reps and support staff. Just as our clients have become friends, the Nevada Business Magazine team has become our family. They are smart, driven and committed to the overall goals of the magazine. Thank you for all your loyalty and hard work.

Finally, I want to thank God for His blessings as we look forward to continuing our legacy of connecting the state’s business communities. As we work to provide articles that shine a light on new industries and companies that are working to make our state a haven for business, we invite your comments and suggestions.

Happy New Year!

Colossians 3:17 (NKJV) “And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.”

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