The Margin Tax Proposal: What It Is and Why You Should Fight It

As a Nevada business owner or executive, you’re probably hoping that 2014 will be the year our state finally climbs out of the depths of the recession. This may be the year you get back into the black, make enough money to pay back those bank loans, and maybe even reconsider the expansion you put… [More…]

Killing Jobs to Pay for Education: Nevada’s Free Margin Tax Initiative… Won’t be Free

Since Nevada’s legislature chose to take no action on the Free Margin Tax initiative by the March 15th deadline, this important state issue has been automatically passed on to the 2014 ballot. This means Nevada voters will decide whether or not we need a Free Margin Tax. If you’re not familiar with the initiative, you… [More…]

Saluting Family-Owned Businesses: Helping Those that Help Themselves

This issue of Nevada Business Magazine recognizes a group of remarkable home grown companies and the families that have made them successful. Unlike large corporations or governments, these businesses operate without a safety net. Their success is based on long hours, hard work and determination. As they strive to create a legacy for future generations,… [More…]