Nevada Needs a Court of Appeals: Businesses Should Support 2014 Ballot Question

The November 2014 ballot will contain a proposal to amend the Nevada Constitution and create a court of appeals (appellate court). Those of you who have been reading my columns awhile know that 99 percent of the time I’m a passionate supporter of smaller government. However, this is one case where adding a layer of… [More…]

Killing Jobs to Pay for Education: Nevada’s Free Margin Tax Initiative… Won’t be Free

Since Nevada’s legislature chose to take no action on the Free Margin Tax initiative by the March 15th deadline, this important state issue has been automatically passed on to the 2014 ballot. This means Nevada voters will decide whether or not we need a Free Margin Tax. If you’re not familiar with the initiative, you… [More…]

Property Tax Rebellion: Fighting for Justice

The tax revolt at Lake Tahoe has reached the 10-year mark, with no end in sight. The Village League to Save Incline Assets was formed in December 2002 by a small group of Incline Village and Crystal Bay property owners to protest outrageously high property tax increases. This small group of determined taxpayers has been… [More…]