Who is Marco Rubio? He’s a Contender

Standing out in a field of Republican candidates, many of whom with extremely strong qualities, is not easy. Regardless, Marco Rubio is quickly becoming a major contender in this Presidential race. Having performed well in the last two Republican debates and with an impressive record on conservative issues, Rubio was already on my radar when… [More…]

Fair and Balanced: The Role of Conservative Media

The White House has been trying since Obama’s first term to silence dissent, targeting conservative media outlets and conservative commentators. Why? Because they seem to be the only ones asking the hard questions. Who else is asking what really happened at Benghazi and why four of our citizens were left there to die? Who else… [More…]

Obama Tries to Grab Control of Another Vital Private Industry: The Internet

We have already seen the Obama administration attempt to take over the healthcare industry with its Obama care program, and we watched it meddle in the alternative energy market by propping up Solyndra and other companies that should have been allowed to fail.  Recently, Obama appears to have sold out America again.  This time it… [More…]

Entitlements & Handouts: The Big Lie

In case you’re wondering why the U.S. economy is in such a mess, consider this sobering statistic: for the first time since the Great Depression, U.S. households received more in cash handouts from the government in 2010 ($2.3 trillion) than they paid in taxes ($2.2 trillion).  Census Bureau numbers from 2009 show that 59 percent… [More…]