Democrats Flex: Legislature Endangers Nevada’s Future

Having begun on February 4th of this year, the 80th session of the Nevada Legislature is off and running and the liberal House and Senate are already flexing their muscles. The new majority is looking to change the business friendly nature of Nevada in favor of more government, less transparency and less power of the people. We need to be aware of the issues to prevent even more damage to the future of the Silver State.

SB143 | Gun Control: Effective on January 2nd of next year, SB 143 reintroduced the universal background checks in Nevada. Proven in other states to be ineffective, these background checks are really just a gateway to universal gun registration and more gun control in Nevada. Unfortunately, conservatives don’t seem to have a voice in Carson City. As Jim Wheeler, Assembly Minority Leader and a Republican from Douglas County said in a recent interview on Nevada Newsmakers, “I don’t believe we were heard with this particular bill being shoved through. They said they didn’t hurry this bill through, they did. And even so, 504 people from the rural areas showed up in opposition to this bill to testify while only 42 people signed in, in support of this bill. And, most of those were from out of state.” The bill was read for the first time on February 11th and passed a mere four days later on the 15th.

SB 123 | Voter Registration: Allowing people to register to vote on Election Day, SB 123 is practically an invitation to voter fraud. Currently, Nevada law allows people to register to vote by mail the fourth Tuesday before an election, by appearing in person at the office of the county or city clerk by the third Tuesday before an election or via automatic voter registration at the DMV or online. This law would make it so you can show up on the day of the election, provide proof of residence documentation and vote. That vote is counted in the election regardless of the fact the proof of residence isn’t verified until after election day. I’m sure no one will take advantage, right?

SB 337 | Unions: Despite the fact that unions have time and again proven to be corrupt, this legislature wants to allow them more power. The bill would adopt a “majority of the votes cast” standard for determining the winner of some elections conducted by the Local Government Employee-Management Relations Board. This means a union could forcibly represent 10,000 workers even if only a fraction of those workers actually took part in the election, provided a majority of those voting were in favor of unionization. Unions represent the entire workforce and such a standard would force many employees into representation without their consent.

SB 339 | Transparency: Nevadans have a right to know how and where the government is spending our money. Regardless, government transparency has been a major issue in the past and SB 339 would make it even easier for the government to hide spending. The bill would authorize the government to declare certain records to be confidential. There have been recent lawsuits in order to obtain public information a government agency didn’t want to hand over. This bill would make it even more difficult for us to see what the government is up to with our money.

In addition to the bills listed above, we should be on the watch for a whole host of big government laws that are coming down the pipeline. A minimum wage increase is a priority for this legislature and will likely be on the ballot for the next election.

Call to Action: There may be a majority of liberal lawmakers but that doesn’t mean conservative voices can’t be heard. We need to speak up and speak out about the laws being passed in our state. Call, email or visit with your representatives, remind them that their responsibility as an elected official is to represent all of Nevada to the best of their ability. The liberal majority wants to take Nevada in a dangerous direction and if we don’t speak up now, we’ll no longer be a haven for business, but rather a big government cesspool.

2 Chronicles 7:14 (NKJV) “If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”


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