Killing is Not “Death with Dignity”! Watch Out for the Slippery Slope

Did you know that a bill was introduced in the 2015 Nevada legislative session that would have allowed physicians to assist patients in committing suicide? It didn’t get much media coverage, and thankfully Sen. Joe Hardy, who is a doctor, made sure that SB 336 never made it out of committee. However, the sponsors of… [More…]

Healthcare Reform Proposals Endanger Your Health

President Obama’s “Healthcare Reform” proposals are enough to make any right-thinking person feel sick, for three main reasons.  First and foremost, this system substitutes coercion for choice.  It will take away peoples’ ability to work with healthcare providers to make their own medical decisions.   Secondly, it will drive up healthcare costs and taxes for everyone. … [More…]

Legislators Reconsider Medical Malpractice Bill

Those of us who lived in Nevada in 2002 remember when medical malpractice insurance premiums were so high that physicians were leaving Nevada in droves. Doctors refused to move here from other states, and high-risk specialists like obstetricians moved away or stopped delivering babies. The situation became so critical that the governor called an emergency… [More…]