Democrats Flex: Legislature Endangers Nevada’s Future

Having begun on February 4th of this year, the 80th session of the Nevada Legislature is off and running and the liberal House and Senate are already flexing their muscles. The new majority is looking to change the business friendly nature of Nevada in favor of more government, less transparency and less power of the… [More…]

Union Members Wake Up: And Smell the Reality

If you or a family member belong to a union, you might not know that the dues deducted from your hard-earned paycheck are funding causes you oppose or supporting groups with views exactly opposite of yours. Even if you do know it, is there anything you can do to stop it? Two recent Supreme Court… [More…]

The Margin Tax Proposal: What It Is and Why You Should Fight It

As a Nevada business owner or executive, you’re probably hoping that 2014 will be the year our state finally climbs out of the depths of the recession. This may be the year you get back into the black, make enough money to pay back those bank loans, and maybe even reconsider the expansion you put… [More…]

Teacher’s Health Trust: Putting Teachers at Risk

The Clark County Education Association (a.k.a. teachers union) has once again proved that its leaders care more about their own power than about their members or the community. The latest controversy arose when it was revealed that the health trust created by the union is in dire financial straits. At a closed union meeting on… [More…]

Playing Politics with Education: Teachers Union Throws Students under the Bus

Nevadans will find out this month whether the Clark County School District (CCSD) qualifies for a $40 million grant from the federal government’s “Race to the Top” program. The money would provide high-tech tools and programs at 63 schools to help 41,000 students with limited English skills. It would fund 46 new jobs for teachers… [More…]

North Las Vegas Refuses to Bow Down to Union Pressure

The North Las Vegas City Council made a courageous move on June 1 by standing up to the powerful public employee unions and giving the city manager the authority to discard portions of collective bargaining agreements in order to prevent devastating layoffs. The firefighters and police unions had negotiated generous contracts with the city when… [More…]

Shame on the Teachers Union: In the end it’s the teachers and students that lose.

While classroom teachers have been eating Ramen noodles so they can afford to buy school supplies, teachers union bosses are living high on the hog. Considering that teachers often have to purchase classroom supplies and teaching materials with their own money, and that they’re also expected to pay for continuing education classes, their salaries don’t… [More…]

Stop the Union Bullying: Culinary Tactics Hurt Us All

Leaders of the Culinary Workers Union in Las Vegas must be frustrated that they can’t convince Station Casinos workers to unionize. Think of all the dues they could be collecting right now, if only they could get their hands into the pockets of another 13,000-plus workers. They’ve been trying for more than 10 years to… [More…]

Employee Free Choice Act: Don’t let the name fool you

The union leaders and political activists behind the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) must be having a good laugh at the expense of folks who actually believe it offers free choice to employees. What’s not so funny is that this dangerous piece of legislation stands a good chance of passing in Congress this spring unless… [More…]